Can’t make a public engagement? Participated in a workshop, but remembered something else you wanted to share? Visit the SRFA SeeClickFix here to give the project team location-specific feedback as to where active transportation infrastructure improvements can be prioritized Citywide.

See below for instructions on how to use the tool.

No puedes asistir a un evento público? ¿Participa en un taller y si recuerdas algo más que quería compartir? Visita el SRFA SeeClickFix aqui para brindarle al equipo del proyecto comentarios específicos de la ubicación sobre dónde se pueden priorizar las mejoras de infraestructura de transporte activo en toda la ciudad.

Step 1

Drag the map until the orange marker is at the location you’d like to submit feedback for. Click “Confirm Location”.

Step 2

If you have a photo of the issue or location, you may upload it from your phone or computer. If not, click “No Photo” to move on.

Step 3

Describe the issue (optional) and/or scroll down to the bottom of the page to answer the dropdown questions. When you think you’ve sufficiently described your concern, click “Confirm Details”.